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Bill Jackson aka Goldpanner


* Gold Prospecting Oriented Sites - (U.S & General)
* Treasure Hunting Oriented Sites - (U.S & General)
* Geology, Earth Sciences, Maps, Miscellaneous
* Rockhounding, Rocks, and Minerals
* Precious Metals links
* Gold & Treasure Hunting Personal Web Pages
* Gold & Treasure Hunting Clubs
* Gold & Treasure Hunting Equipment
* Gold & Treasure Hunting Magazines & Newsletters
* Gold & Treasure Hunting Services
* Books on Gold Related topics


- Gold Prospecting Oriented Sites - (U.S & General) -

NEW! Alaska Mining & Diving Supply
Check this one out! GPAA TEXARKANA CHAPTER
Wilderness Mining Company -
The Professional ProspectorGood in depth information
Reed Gold Mine(NC)
California Gold Rush Links
Quebec Prospectors Association In French and English
Prospecting in Colorado
WA State Small Scale Placer Mining Homepage
Virtual Library: Treasure
South Carolina Gold Mines
A site of the First Gold Page on the Web-Gold Prospecting
California Gold
Mining USA
Treasure Net - Product information, chat sessions, links and more

- Treasure Hunting Oriented Sites - (U.S & General) -

Tom's Treasures
Treasure Hunting Site
The Antique Paper & Ephemera X-change
Treasure Coins of the El Cazador - Buy a piece of history lost for over 200 years.
The Florida and Caribbean Treasure Connection
Seaweed and the Soda Pop Pirates
TRSRHUNTER'S Homepage - The Gold coin has hidden links
Animas Expedition - Looking for an exciting site covering the search for shipwrecks and treasure from the 18th century in Uruguay, South America? This site is a "must visit"!
Arizona's Hidden Treasures - A site dedicated to providing information on treasure hunting in the state of Arizona
Treasure Coast Scoops - Beach and water scoops, books, and more.
The International Treasure Hunters Exchange - Wide range of topics avaialble here
The North American Historical, Preservation, and Research Institute - Interesting site covering treasure hunting - includes information on field trips and offers visitors the opportunity to take part in the search for a lost Spanish Gold Mine!


- Geology, Earth Sciences, Maps, Miscellaneous -

SEARCH-MINE Online Mining and Geological Glossary
The Georgia Geological Society
Earth Science and Geology Links
U. S. Geological Survey
Road Map Collectors of America
Cartographic Resources: Commercial Mapping
Oddens' Bookmarks Map Links
Geographical Maps of San Diego
Earth Sciences
Jack Mount's Maps and Cartography Resources Page
University of Georgia Map Collection
The California Gold Country: Highway 49 Revisited page is an informative guide to the California gold country.
Resource CENTER for Gold Maps for the Recreational Prospector - Mayhill Press
Gold Maps - BIG TEN MAPS- A website pertaining to gold prospecting maps.
Place Finder (Expedia) Maps show location of any place on earth

General Map Sites

CIA World Factbook 1997 Issued March 1998
Climate Data - Live Access to Climate Data (NOAA)
Current Geographical Publications (American Geographical Society/University of Wisconsin)
Digital Chart of the World Data Server (Pennsylvania State University Libraries)
Digital Map Collection (University of California at Berkeley)
Direct Line Distance Server (Carnegie Mellon University)
Earth Science Web Resources (University of Texas at Austin - Geology Library)
Earth View (John Walker) Click to zoom in on any world region.
Earthquake Maps and Information (University of California at Davis)
Excite - Maps
Gazetteer - Canada (Natural Resources Canada)
Gazetteer - U.S. (U.S. Census Bureau)
Gazetteer - England, Scotland and Wales (Ordnance Survey)
Gazetteer - All countries except U.S. (U.S. National Imagery and Mapping Agency)
Geodata Information Sources (University of Iowa)
Geographer's Craft - University of Texas at Austin
Geographic Name Server (MIT)
Geography Resources on the Internet (University of Buffalo)
GeoWeb (Geographic Information Retrieval)
GIS/Cartography Starting Points (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
GIS - Geographic Information Systems - Background information and links (USGS)
GIS - Geographic Information Systems (Yahoo links page)
GIS Literature Database (University of Maine)
Global and Land Environments Since the Last Interglacial (Jonathan Adams/ORNL)
Independent States in the World (U.S. Dept. of State)
Institut Geographique National (France)
International Boundary Dispute Maps (Boundary Litigation Group)
International Map Trade Association
Lycos Maps - U.S. and International
Manual of Federal Geographic Data Products
Map Finder (American Geographical Society/Univ. of Indiana)
Map Libraries Links to map libraries around the world
MapHist: History of Cartography Discussion Group
Maps and Spatial Data (University of California, San Diego)
Maps in the News (Delorme)
Mapville - Links to map-related enterprises (Eric Riback)
Mars Map Maker and Atlas of Mars
Mediterranean Oceanic Database (GHER)
Mining Company - Geography (Matt Rosenberg)
NASA Earth Observation Images (NASA/JSC)
NASA Earth Observing System (EOS)
NASA Earth Imagery (EarthRISE)
National Geographic Society - Map Machine Simple political and physical maps of the continents
National Imagery and Mapping Agency (U.S.) Formerly Defense Mapping Agency
Ohio State University Center for Mapping
Odden's Bookmarks: The Fascinating World of Maps and Mapping
Ordnance Survey - Mapping for Education Includes online Gazetteer
Orienteering Maps (University of Sheffield Orienteering Club)
Oxford University, Bodleian Library Map Room
and Their online maps
Railroad Maps
ReliefWeb: Map Center
Road Map Collectors of America
Route 66 (Swa Frantzen)
Ski Map Server
Society of Cartographers
Thematic Maps Library (University of Missouri) Thematic maps of U.S. and Missouri
Tiger Home Page (Census Bureau)
Travel and Tourism Sites for U.S. States
and Canadian Provinces
Travel Route Planning - EuroShell Route Planner (Europe)
Travel Route Planning - Free Trip (Continental U.S. only)
Travel Route Planning - MapQuest - (Includes Mobil Travel Guide. Covers continental U.S. only.)
U.S. Census Bureau - Tiger Home Page
U.S. Census Bureau - Data Maps
U.S. Census Bureau - Gazetteer
U.S. Geological Survey Home Page
USGS in Texas
USGS San Francisco Bay Area Digital Orthophoto Imagery
USGS Declassified Intelligence Satellite Photographs
USGS Digital Line Graph Data Browser (University of Virginia Library) Create maps using 1:2,000,000 scale database (excludes Alaska)
USGS Digital Mapping and Image Data
USGS Global Land Information System Go here to find and purchase data about the Earth's land surfaces including satellite images
USGS Index of USGS Servers
USGS National Mapping Information
USGS National Water Conditions
USGS Publications and Data Products
USGS Temporal Urban Mapping
USGS Topo Finder (
USGS Water Resources Information
USGS What Do Maps Show? Teaching Package
Volcanoes (Earth's Active Volcanoes)
Yahoo Geography Page
Yahoo Maps Page


- Rockhounding, Rocks and Minerals -

Mineral Glossary
Metalsmiths - precious metals and gemstones
Rockhound Homepages
The Mineral Gallery
Rock Collecting
Cyberwall: Rockhounding and Rock Collecting
Rockhounds Information Page
Bob's Rockshop: Homepage
Bob's Rockshop: Linklist
Antwerp Mineral Collectors Page
GIA - Gemological Institute of America


- Precious Metals Links -

Precious Metals - This site has great info. on all the precious metals with information on almost every subject!
Graph form or Text form of historical data for commodities! - Great Source for historical data!
GOLDSHEET, over 1,200 links to mining related sites worldwide.
Lind-Waldock The world's largest discount futures brokerage firm.
Precious Metals Today and Yesterday
Metals charts and Analysis - Use the login and passwd 'demo' and 'demo'
Corporate Dissemination Service - Canadian news, quotes, and data
BC and Yukon Chamber of Mines
Precious Metals Charts and Daily Statistics
Investors GURU Stock Watch - a neat site dealing with some gold stocks.....
Updated gold prices from CNNFN. 20 min. delayed. Updated every 3 minutes.
EagleWing Research Gold Funds - provides investment information for comparing gold and precious metals mutual funds, a newletter, and relevant links to funds and brokerages.
Gold Eagle - 13-paged multileveled comprehensive analysis, reports and studies on precious metals and gold stocks.
Gold Stock Investing Newsletter - A 28 Page Monthly Newsletter Finding Undervalued Investment Opportunities through Fundamental Analysis & Rankings for the 60 Largest U.S. Traded Precious Metals Mining Stocks.
Leveraged Gold Network Inc - specializes in gold and related items. Merv's Gold Nuggets & Diamonds Ltd. They offer natural gold nuggets and business opportunities in the gold nugget field.
Grandich Publications
Emerging Growth Stocks - VSE Junior Gold Stocks
Gold MiningStock Report & Hotline
Info Mine - The Internet's Premier Mining Information Site
Precious Metals Quotes
Man Financial - Retail Futures Division
Updated Gold and Silver prices -graphical or Text Version . Also, updated overseas gold prices. Updated every 10 minutes!
Kitco, Inc.- Gold and Precious Metals
Gold Bug Forum - With information on gold investments.
Metal Bulletin
Prophet Futures Charts - offers free futures charts for all commodities.
ProphetData Futures Contracts - Metals data going back to 1959!
Royal Precious Metals Fund - the top fund in Canada over the past year, returning 163.7% over the previous 12 months.
Internet Order Express
StockHouse Online Journal
The Privateer - Gold Information with graphs.


- Gold & Treasure Hunting Personal Web Pages -

Passport to Treasure - Interesting page by NY Treasure Hunter, Jim Yates
North Carolina Gold and Gem Stone Panning - Interested in heading to North Carolina in search of nature's treasures? You need to visit this site!
Pirates of the Caribbean
Super Ron's Coinshooting Page - Great stories and superb photo's of some impressive finds.


- Gold & Treasure Hunting Clubs -

Golden Caribou Mining Club
EARTH Club - An active club in upsate New York.
Gold Prospectors of the Rockies
Gold Prospectors Association of Phoenix
Rock and Mineral Associations of Canada
Swiss Goldprospector's Association
The Brooklyn Treasure Hunters Club of New York City - Interested in hunting the Big Apple?
Gold Prospectors Association of Tucson (GPAT)
Golden Caribou Mining Club
GPAA (Gold Prospectors Association of America)
Maryland Artifact Recovery Society - Looking to join a growing club in Maryland?
Northwest Gold Prospectors Assoc.
Santa Rosa Gold Diggers - West coast prospecting site - quite informative!
S.E. Federation of Mineralogical Societies
Gold Prospectors of Colorado


- Gold & Treasure Hunting Equipment -

Alexander Enterprises - metal detector treasure hunting. - selling a variety of metal detection products. Site features a number of metal detection forums.
The Metal Detecting Forum - A popular gathering place for treasure hunters to discuss ideas and issues
Detector Electronics - Manufacturers of the Depthmaster line of headphones and Northeast Tesoro distributor. Good information on this site!
Minelab Electronics - Manufacturers of top-quality metal detectors, based in Australia. Product info and photos of finds.
Accurate Locators - specializes in long range pinpointing geophysical metal detectors for the treasure hunter and gold prosector.
Detector Warehouse - seller of metal detectors, accessories, tools, and books.
Garrett Metal Detectors - computerized electronic prospecting equipment for treasure hunters.
Find Electronics - Specializing in Minelab products, this site has a wealth of information on it including a forum section for Minelab users (or those interested in their products)!
Foerster Instruments - Ever wanted to learn about military mine detection equipment?
Tesoro Net - Site dedicated to Tesoro metal detectors
Tyndall Electronics - Makers of the Nautilus line of metal detectors
Detector Electronics Corp - learn how to select the best hobby metal detector & headphone for you. Free brochures.
Alabama Treasure Hunter - sells metal detectors and treasure hunting supplies. Also provides treasure hunting advice.
Radar Data Services - This equipment will actually show you what's in the ground, needs to be on everyone's wish list!
The Bazooka dredge
Detector information
New link! The Patented Schmidt-GoldTrap!
Reilly's Treasured Gold - source for treasure hunting supplies, metal detectors, digging tools, recovery equipment, and more.
Kellyco Detector Distributors - Distributor of metal detecting equipment, with free catalog request forms, descriptions of detectors, and our detector feedback database.
Bounty Hunter
Discovery Electronics
Fisher Research Laboratory
Northwest Treasure Supply - metal detectors, prospecting supplies, related accessories, books, and videos.
Treasure Shop - catalog of metal detecting and treasure hunting equipment; includes new and preowned detectors and accessories, books and maps.
White's Electronics Detectors
DetectionNet - information on metal detectors (Security and Hobby), treasure hunting and mining equipment. Super Discounted Prices on Detectors.


- Gold & Treasure Hunting Magazines & Newsletters Web Sites -

Dahlonega Courthouse Gold Museum(GA)
The On-Line Treasure Hunter
Gold Prospector Mag.
Int'l California Mining Journal Home Page
The Prospector Newspaper & Daily Mining News - Not really a newsletter.
Latin America Mining Record
Mining Record - Weekly Summaries provided
Treasure Hunters Equipment Bulletin - An on-line version of the quarterly bulletin of used treasure hunting equipment, books and relics you can buy or trade for. Stop by and check it out!
Canadian Mining Journal
Gold Newsletter - GNL is written by James Blanchard
Lost Treasure On-Line - The on-line version of the #1 treasure hunting magazine on the market. Forums, field test reports, and more - a "must-see" site!
Coin Demon's Newsletter
The Northern Miner
The Canadian Mining NewsletterInformation on Mining Exploration
Treasure Quest Mag.
Western & Eastern Treasures - A leader in the field for more than 30 years, this site gives you a taste of what the magazine has to offer.
alt.mining.recreational newsgroup


- Gold & Treasure Hunting Services -

Bruce A. Rouch's Treasure Hunting Information Site

Great Links and More Links

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