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Some of the original equipment used at the Crisson Mine.

Stamp Mill Points of Interest

This stampmill was made in 1883 and has been in the Crisson family for four generations. The mill was used at many different mines in Dahlonega as well as in other states. It has been on this site since 1969. It is the only original working stampmill still in operation in the state of Georgia. The purpose of the stampmill is to crush gold bearing ore into sand sized particles so that the gold can be separated from the ore by machines or by panning. Each of the ten stamps that make up this mill weighs 450 pounds. They are lifted by a camshaft and dropped 70 to 80 times per minute. Each stamp has to be lubricated, but oil or grease cannot be used because they will make the gold float away. So Sorghum syrup is used instead. When in operation, the noise of the stamps can be heard for miles. The stampmill is still run daily, crushing quartz stone from a recently discovered site at the crisson mine. This is a great opportunity to experience the sight and sound of an operational stampmill.